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·POSITION:ProductsTypeCoupling agent → Epoxy-enclosed siloxanes

Epoxy-enclosed siloxanes

Epoxy-enclosed siloxanes
  • Product Code:LT-5603
  • CAS No.:N.A
  • Effective Content:≥98.0%
  • Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid
  • Packaging:to be checked with Bluesky
  • Net Weight:to be checked with Bluesky
Product Description

Product Information

Chemical NameEpoxy-enclosed siloxanese

Product CodeLT-5603

Molecular FormulaN.A

Molecular WeightN.A


Properties and Reactivity

LT-5603 with epoxy groups and contains silico-oxygen bonds, and silico-oxygen bonds have been closed treatment, good hydrolysis resistance, can be added to water-based acrylic emulsion and water-soluble acrylic resin, or added to water-soluble acrylic paint, room temperature storage will not gel, can be stable storage for more than one year. The paint film with LT-5603 is hydrolyzed and crosslinked during high temperature baking, thus improving the adhesion, water resistance, salt spray resistance and other properties of the coating.

LT-5603 is a reactive chemical containing epoxy functional groups and silicon-based inorganic functional groups. This bifocal structure gives LT-5603 special properties: its silico-oxygen bond can react with inorganic materials (such as glass, silica, metal, etc.), and the other end of the epoxy group and the carboxyl, amino bond to gether to promote adhesion, crosslinking agents or surface modifiers.

The silicon oxygen bond of LT-5603 can react quickly at a temperature of more than 100 degrees, and it is recommended to burning-off at 120 degrees for 30 minutes, or at 150 degrees for more than 20 minutes, so as to achieve a good cross-linking effect.


Technical Data


Note: the above data is for reference only, cannot be as a technical specification. 


Properties& Application

 LT-5603 can be directly added to the resin storage stability, emulsion or water-soluble acrylic resin, oily resin.

 It can also be added directly to water-based paint to stabilize, emulsion or water-soluble paint, oil paint.

 table storage between PH 6-8 for more than one year at normal temperature.

 LT-5603 with epoxy groups can be used for some special grafting reactions.

 reaction occurs when baking at high temperature to improve adhesion and crosslinking density.

 LT-5603 can significantly improve the performance of the cured coating, such as: solvent resistance, water resistance, salt spray resistance, scratch resistance, wet and dry adhesion, hardness of the film, wear resistance, tensile strength, etc.

 LT-5603 used in baking varnish and baking varnish resin system.

 LT-5603 used in metal treatment sealed by electroplating.

 LT-5603 be recommended to 0.5-5% volume of addition.

 Improve the level of crosslinking and strength

 Water resistance.

 Temperature resistance, adhesion resistance

 Salt spray resistance

 Wet bond strength

 Chemical resistance

◆ Resistance to scratches


  This product information, as well as all technical advice, is based on our current level of experience and knowledge. We do not accept any legal responsibility, including the known third party intellectual property rights. In particular, we do not make any guarantee or warranty of the product properties in a legal sense. We reserve the right to any changes to this product made by technological progress or further development. Customers who use this product should conduct their own careful testing and inspecting. This description of the product properties should also be verified by professional testing through the customers who use this product. The reference codes of other companies are not recommended but not excluded the availability of similar products.
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