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Implementation of the “Five-minute Safety Thinking Method”, Putting Effect on the Safety Production Responsibility System for all Employees
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Implementation of the “Five-minute Safety Thinking Method”, Putting Effect on the Safety Production Responsibility System for all Employees

Safety work is at the front line, the grass-roots team is the key. Implementing standardized field operations and promoting standardized work are vital for maintaining safety at the grassroots level. Recommended by Hubei Emergency Management Department, Feng Qionghua, the person chiefly in charge of BLUESKY, organized all staff  to study, and promoted the implementation of the “Five-Minute Safety Thinking Method'” throughout the plant.

1. Take a minute to consider wearing personal protective equipment.

Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) seems simple and basic, but still some people fail to follow proper practices. Before you go to work, take a minute to consider whether you have done the necessary PPE correctly and are wearing it correctly.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) can ensure employees' safety during critical moments. It is important to always wear appropriate work clothing, gloves, and a correctly fitted safety helmet regardless of the weather or job size. When working at heights over two meters, it is crucial to securely fasten the safety harness.

2. Take a minute to consider the steps of the operation.

Some employees focus only on results rather than processes, believing that there is no need to stick to operating procedures as long as tasks are completed. This type of work style, which does not emphasize process control, is extremely dangerous. We advocate taking a minute to consider the correct operating steps and whether they comply with the requirements of the procedure before performing any specific task.

For example, when opening and closing valves, one should consider which one to open first and which one to open later, making it simpler to operate on-site and avoiding confusion. This not only saves time and improves efficiency but also reduces the occurrence of accidents.

3.Take a minute to consider potential hazards.

Before going to work each day, it's important to take a moment to consider whether there are any safety hazards around you. Then, combine the hazards that have been identified by your team and communicate and discuss them during the pre-shift meeting. This can make the risk assessment more comprehensive, ensuring that everyone is aware of the identified risks and avoiding any information gaps. At the same time, it can also help everyone to be aware of the potential dangers, improve their safety awareness, and better protect themselves.

4.Take a minute to consider remedial measure.

Spend a short one-minute period each day before going to work considering the existing risks and hazards, and searching for corresponding remedial measures. Keep a record of various measures suggested by employees. Implement effective measures to ensure that potential hazards are eliminated in their early stages. This brief one-minute reflection can motivate employees to come up with many safety tips.

5.Take a minute to consider escape route.

Besides endeavoring to avert accidents, it is vital for employees to select the appropriate escape route when incidents do occur, in order to protect their lives and well-being. We recommend that employees spend one minute daily contemplating safe escape strategies, with the objective of promoting their sense of self-responsibility for safety in emergencies. In situations where danger is inevitable and the outcome is unmanageable, employees should be able to rapidly identify escape routes, thereby preventing additional casualties and taking charge of their own safety.

The "Five-Minute Safety Consideration Method" is interconnected and logically strong, emphasizing both occupational health and humanistic care. By selecting "small entry points" to achieve "big safety," it correctly guides front line employees to start with small matters, standardize operations, and ultimately reach a safe and stable situation through thinking and action. This method effectively builds a solid foundation for enterprise safety production!  

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