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A Safety Class Given on Site by the Principal Person of BLUESKY
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On July 31, led by Feng Qionghua, the principal person of BLUESKY, a company-wide safety inspection was organized, the principal person delivered a pep talk before the inspection, and gave a pragmatic safety lesson for everyone.

A Safety Class Given on Site by the Principal Person of BLUESKY

  Feng Qionghua stressed that we should seriously reflect on the profound lessons of the August 3 Accident, put ourselves in, put our responsibilities in, put our works in, and write a report for safety warning reflection with over 800 words by all staff.

  The conference spirit of safety supervision work symposium held by Hubei Emergency Management Department on July 27 was conveyed and learned. We must clearly recognize the serious and complex situations on safety production works in front of us, the high-risk nature of our chemical industry has no changes, the problems accumulated for a long period have not been resolved essentially. Only by knowing its reason can one obtain its method, only by mastering its law can one achieve good governance. We should make efforts to improve on the safety quality of personnel and intrinsic safety level of equipment and facilities, to strengthen on material identification and risk control, to ensure environmental safety guarantee, to do a good job on accident prevention and control, to master the law and enhance administration, to firmly strengthen confidence and determination on a good job of safety.

  Feng Qionghua combined with the practices to interpret in details for the definition of 3.1 on The Guidelines for Chemical Process Safety Mangement(AQ/T 3034-2022) and 3.1.1 on The Guidelines for the Investigation and Management of Safety Risks of Hazardous Chemical Enterprises, it’s necessary to trace to the root to find out why, what and how.

  The lecture emphasized that we should manage and technical monitor the processes, equipment, instruments, electrics and other systems involving in the production, storage, usage, disposal, operation and other activities on chemicals, combine with the characteristics of the production process, in view of the risk point of possible safety accidents, to carry out a comprehensive investigation of safety risks and hidden dangers, we must be from the foundation to manage and control risks and eliminate hidden dangers.

  Safety is the premise and bottom line of all works, it must always be engraved in the heart and grasped in the hands. BLUESKY will effectively put safety production in the first place, with a sense of responsibility to “always constantly reassured” and a sense of caution to “everywhere trekking on thin ice”, to layer upon layer of compacting safety responsibilities, grasp early and treat small diseases, to ensure the stability of the safety production situation. 

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